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>> 06 November 2009



>> 17 August 2009

7 Aug 2009 - 18 Sep 2009
at GALERI PETRONAS (Level 3, Suria KLCC)

In conjunction with Malaysia's 52nd anniversary, GALERI PETRONAS is pleased to present our latest exhibition entitled "CHANGING PHASES: Relative Spaces" as part of PETRONAS' Merdeka celebrations. This exhibition is the Malaysian segment of the touring exhibition that was held at the Viet Art Centre, Hanoi in September 2008.

CHANGING PHASES: Relative Spaces explores the development of Malaysian art practices, examining the contemporary social environment of Malaysia and its relationship with its ASEAN neighbours since the 1950s, with selected artworks from the PETRONAS Art Collection. Curated by Shireen Naziree, prominent South East Asian art historian, this exhibition also presents the works from the PETRONAS Art Collection as markers of Malaysian visual history. It offers a visual journey into the development of modern Malaysia – visitors will be able to witness and experience rarely- seen historically-significant artworks by established Malaysian-born artists. Their art will take visitors through the social development and economic growth of the country, depicting the evolution of the Malaysian psyche and identity into the progressive nation as we know it today.

CHANGING PHASES: Relative Spaces addresses relevant issues affecting Malaysia since our independence through the display of artworks that have been mostly produced from the 1960s until the present. The broad spectrum of artworks in the exhibition also highlights the diversity of Malaysian art practices contained in the PETRONAS Art Collection. The exhibition presents 39 artworks by 21 artists, from the established seniors like Latiff Mohidin, Syed Thajudeen and Khoo Sui Hoe, passing through mid-career artists Simryn Gill and Mad Annuar Ismail, to new generation artists Ivan Lam, Yau Bee Ling and Roslisham Ismail, among others. The need to understand and preserve our traditional values and cultural identity amidst economic and social development in an increasingly borderless world is a message which is echoed throughout the exhibition.

In essence, CHANGING PHASES: RELATIVE SPACES: Relative Spaces is a celebration of the Malaysian story in conjunction with the nation's 52 year of independence and PETRONAS's 35 years of operations as we mark our 35th anniversary this 17th August 2009.

1. HALAL by Jailani Abu Hassan
3. VOYAGE-1 by Abdul Latiff Mohidin
4. CENGKAMAN by Hamir Soib
5. PENANG HILL by Yong Mun Sen
6. HOMAGE to VANISHING WORLD?? by Shia Yih Yiing


Changing Phases: Lecture Series II
Date: Saturday, 22 Aug 2009

To give further insight into the exhibition and the PETRONAS Art collection.

22 Aug 2009
3:00 p.m.


The social value of corporate collections. This will include works from the corporation's international offices

Presenter : Shireen Naziree

For more information, kindly contact:
Shamala Bai Rao, Manager, Marketing & Visitor Services:
03 2051 1814 / 012 205 3524 /

Juhan Kamaruddin, Marketing & Communications:
03 2051 5930 / 012 2276503 /

Grace Chang, Marketing & Communications:
03 2051 9150 / 017 335 5515 /

+ Participation is FREE and open to all.

+ Programme information is subject to change without prior notice.
+ All programs will be presented in English & Bahasa Malaysia. Please call 03-2331 7770 to register.

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Reality in Wonderland by KONG YEE

>> 07 July 2009

Wei-Ling Gallery is pleased to present a much awaited exhibition by one of the most exciting contemporary artists in Malaysia. Chin Kong Yee probably does not need much introduction with his trademark paintings and photographs. In the coming solo exhibition, Kong Yee will present the latest series of his thought-provoking images. Derived from his visits to Europe and Bali, the artist will be showcasing new works produced from 2008 – 2009.

In this new series, Reality in Wonderland, Kong Yee strived to capture the essence of the places he has visited in his artistic productions. The images are the results of permutations derived from tedious experiments. Viewers who have travelled extensively may be treated with familiar sights. Yet, their orientation of the norm may be derailed when reading the art works. The manipulation of images creates new methods of perceiving reality. Kong Yee has bent the rules of nature creating a matrix in his wonderland. His paintings are realistic images injected with fantastical ingredients. Indeed, this is a welcome approach to view the world around us. The process of oscillating from one trajectory to another in the reading of the paintings is highly interesting. Kong Yee’s unique and individualistic style has defied common logic in projecting a transcendental experience. His development and artistic maturity is clearly evident in this presentation of his painterly realm.

In a decade of practice, Kong Yee has developed significantly in aspects of concept and technical competency. He was also actively engaged in various art activities. Since 2000, this prolific artist has exhibited widely in Malaysia and the international arena. In 2007, Kong Yee was part of a two-man show at Wei-Ling Gallery. He participated in a seminar/workshop/exhibition as an invited artist at the Cluj-Napoca Art Museum, Romania in 2004. Kong Yee was also selected for local art residency programs in 2004 and 2002. This talented artist was the recipient of an award from the prestigious Philip Morris Group of Companies ASEAN Art 2000 competition. His works are now in the collection of various organisations locally and abroad.


VWFA current exhibition

17 JUN - 4 JUL 2009

Valentine Willie Fine Art is pleased to present Cartographical Lure, an exhibition that explores artistic mapping as a subjective visual representation of our lived environment. The initial idea was premised on interest of getting artists to produce their own cartographical interpretation of the region, using the map as a diving board to explore our shared regional history, culture and memory.

This project was later expanded to include more varied responses, away from the exacting empiricism or grand geographical narratives normally associated with maps, to highlight the emotive and imaginary aspects of the cartographical science.

Instead artists are asked to create personal responses to a particular locale, working with different materials - computer generated images, traditional hand-drawn or even other forms of craftsmanship - resulting in a complex body of work that ranges from the biographical to the conceptual, from maps of interventional nature to maps on land use interpretation.

Cartographical Lure is the first in a series of exhibition by VWFA to acknowledge the increasing number of contemporary artists who are using various mediums to explore our cultural geography.

Participating Artists:
Chong Kim Chiew
Tiffany Chung
Gan Siong King
Bea Camacho
Mark Salvatus
Jason Wee
Krisna Murti
Jenifer Wofford
Nadiah Bamadhaj


Galeri Petronas

>> 05 June 2009

Cadangan-cadangan untuk Negara Ku

Liew Kung Yu

Venue: Bustle Gallery14 Apr 2009 - 14 Jun 2009

Inspired by the monuments and public sculptures found in MWork by Liew Kung Yewalaysia, artist Liew Kung Yu has created eight new works that offers the viewers of what Malaysia could look like in the future. The sculptural works comprise a Photoshop montage of various public sculptures found in the country such as the giant Pitcher Plant at Dataran Merdeka and the concrete tigers at Zoo Negara. Kung Yu's works are playful, theatrical, extremely kitsch and strangely beautiful.
"Cadangan-Cadangan untuk Negaraku" will continue to be showcased in GALERI PETRONAS until 14 June 2009.


Wei-Ling Gallery

Malaysia-365 days of 2008
Artist: Nor Azizan Rahman Paiman

Malaysia-365 days of 2008 is a compilation and documentation of the year 2008, as seen through the analytical mind of the important social/political Malaysian artist Paiman (Nor Azizan Rahman Paiman). Born in Malacca in 1970, Paiman received his art education in both Malaysia and the United Kingdom and attained a MA in Fine Arts from the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2001. Since 1991 he has exhibited widely both in Malaysia and on an international arena, including the '1st Fukuoka Asian Art Trienniale 1999’, Japan, and at the ‘Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT5)’ ,Queensland,Australia in 2007. A selection of Paiman’s distinctive works can also be seen in the collection of the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) in Australia.

Over the years Paiman has made a name for himself with his unique imaginary, caricatures which are juxtaposed against statements by important Malaysian figures in a witty commentary on Malaysian life. He has often said that he considers himself a ‘backdated reporter’ and that ‘everything changes in the world, and more often than not there are issues or incidents that we have forgotten or ignored’. In this set of works he spent the whole of 2008 going through all the major papers of the country on a daily basis in an arduous task to extract one statement that best reflected the sentiment that day. Armed with this statement, he stenciled the quote onto the corresponding page of an Islamic diary, and then rendered his wonderful fantastical figures over them, ending up over the course of a year with a diary filled with the ‘essence’ of 2008.

The artist aptly says:

"MALAYSIA 365 days of 2008 is a fragmented arrangement of a particular moment in time as the country came face to face with many difficult situations. I played my part as a Malaysian to record everyday life in a creative way. Provocation has everything to do with perception. Perception is controlled by a world view and world view is controlled by a counter situation."

No. 8 Jalan Scott, Brickfields
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ofc :+ 603-22601106/7
Fax: +603-22601107
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm
Sun : By Appointment



>> 12 March 2009

No. 8 Jalan Scott, Brickfields
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ofc :+ 603-22601106/7
Fax: +603-22601107
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm
Sun : By Appointment
Upcoming Exhibitions
Reality in Wonderland
Artist: Chin Kong Yee

Current Exhibition
Two Three Six
Artist: Chen Wei Meng


Venue: Main Gallery
31 Mar 2009 - 17 May 2009

GALERI PETRONAS presents the highly anticipated Eng Tay – The Exhibition, highlighting the selected works of Malaysian-born and New York-based artist Eng Tay. In this exhibition, Eng Tay takes his audience on an incredible journey into the landscapes of the heart, touching on tender moments of love, togetherness and camaraderie. Eng Tay – The Exhibition, curated by Ooi Kok Chuen, represents the most comprehensive exhibition of the artist ever, assembling a selection of prints, paintings in oil and acrylic, sculptures both life-sized and marquettes, including hand-painted ceramic works.
Eng Tay – The Exhibition will continue to be showcased in GALERI PETRONAS until 17 May 2009.



>> 02 March 2009






Pen Drawing/Sketch






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Reflective practice is a concept used in education studies and pedagogy. It was introduced by Donald Schön in his book The Reflective Practitioner in 1983. The concepts underlying reflective practice are much older. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius has been described as a prototype of reflective practice by Seamus Mac Suibhne .[1]
Reflective practice is a continuous process and involves the learner considering critical incidents in his or her life's experiences. As defined by Schön, reflective practice involves thoughtfully considering one's own experiences in applying knowledge to practice while being coached by professionals in the discipline. It has been described as an unstructured approach directing understanding and learning, a self regulated process, commonly used in Health and Teaching professions, though applicable to all. (R.Gregory)
In education, it refers to the process of the educator studying his or her own teaching methods and determining what works best for the students. Reflective practice can help an individual to develop personally.
Reflective practice is associated with learning from experience, and is viewed as an important strategy for health professionals who embrace lifelong learning. The act of reflection is seen as a way of promoting the development of autonomous, qualified and self-directed professionals. Engaging in reflective practice is associated with the improvement of the quality of care, stimulating personal and professional growth and closing the gap between theory and practice, (Jasper, 2003).
In reflective practice it is possible to distinguish three different phases. Schön (1983) distinguished between reflection-in-action (at the same time as the practice takes place) and reflection-on-action (afterwards). More recently McAlpine [2] has included the advance reflection (Reflection-for-action) in the model.
Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle is fairly straightforward and encourages a clear description of the situation, analysis of feelings, evaluation of the experience, analysis to make sense of the experience, conclusion where other options are considered and reflection upon experience to examine what you would do if the situation arose again.

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